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  1. until

    Alac (preferred), hb, dps. I had a rough time learning cm's on hb last week so that's probably not the best for me right now, but I'll leave it as an option.
  2. In the puzzle during guild missions! Sorry I had to miss the last few
  3. karenlynn

    [BRN] RAID

    Back-up druid, hb, alac or dps
  4. Back on the Peu Train for PoF Metas.
  5. @Sana They were awesome. I was...not so much. It's going to be a while before I'm carrying anyone in fractals haha! @Tiffymew I've seen your pics of the axolotl! Those things are so amazing, they have so much personality! I've never tried keeping them before, but it's really tempting. I have a 29 that's getting fully planted and has zero fish so far, but I've been doing this for about--25 years? minus a break over the past few because life with 3 kids is too hectic to worry about an aquarium.
  6. Totally getting carried in cm's. I think I learned a lot. Thank you for being patient with me!
  7. karenlynn



  8. until

    I can dh or fb/hb. I haven't done cm's in a long while, and fb is a little new to me.
  9. Peu Train in Drizzlewood where I learned all about Chobingo and subscribed to a weekly cauliflower delivery. 5 STAR SERVICE!!!!!
  10. Oh I can talk about tanks! I have very few people who are interested in hearing about my aquariums. Mostly I get glazed over stares and some vague nods and mhhm's when I start talking about nitrogen cycles and dry starts and substrate and...ANYWAY!!! It's in full maintenance mode right now. My local fish store hasn't been open, I had terrible luck with mail-orders and I don't want to dump any old fish in. Hopefully soon it will be photo worthy!
  11. @Sana Thank you for the welcome! I'm going to look into the raids for sure. I'm definitely not a beginner, but I have a LOT to learn still! And you are right, people here are fun! I completely enjoyed guild missions last night. @DarkPhoenix GRATS ON YOUR SPACE AXE!!!! And here are some shenanigans from my first night out with RISE. Pre-event tailgate party in guild hall The famous Clay Presses F Event
  12. Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Karen Preferred personal pronoun? She/her May we ask your age? 42 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) karenlynn.4012 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? I saw a recruitment post on reddit. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? I am available then. I play several hours per day, so around 20 hours per week or more. What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? I like all things pve. I enjoy story, all of the open world content, and instanced content like strikes and raids. I think it's cool to do metas and have huge squads full of players working together, and I enjoy the instanced end game for the challenges it can bring, and feeling rewarded by completing it. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? I'd like to get more into raids. I did a lot of them before PoF, and I've been getting some raiding in during the last few months with random and casual friend groups. I'm also a little interested in fractals, I can do t4, but I often don't. I think since I don't have a consistent group for either, it's hard for me to progress and I'm a little intimidated by groups I see in lfg. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? I have at least one character of every class and play most of them. My favorites are ranger-she's been my main for years and I like to play her as druid, guardian-super fun and versatile, love the healing and support, plus blue fire!!!! and mesmer-trying to get the hang of chrono and mirage in different game modes. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Favorite: the people. What's an mmo without other people to play with, chat with, laugh with? Least favorite thing about any guild I've been a part of is when a guild fizzles, for any number of reasons. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Absolutely!!! Just....not on mine :) Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. I'm a mom of 3, and my oldest just graduated from high school! I have another who is learning to drive, and my youngest is starting his preteens. They keep me on my toes! When I'm not playing, or cooking for teenagers (they never stop eating) I'm often playing with my overgrown puppy. She's a year and a half old and about 70 pounds, but doesn't realize that she can't fit on my lap. Or eat my shoes I also like reading, taking care of plants-tropicals and orchids mostly, and I enjoy tons of different crafts. Decorative painting, little woodwork, yarn and needle crafts. Since I've had some extra time on my hands the past few months, I've also restarted an old hobby of mine and set up a planted aquarium. Hopefully we can get some fish for it soon. What other games do you play? GW2 is my main mmo, and I've played it for most of the time since launch. I'm also still a little active in gw1 and I'll dip into eso from time to time. I have a giant backlog of single player and co-op games to start and/or finish, but I always seem to go back to Minecraft and Skyrim. Who’s your favorite all time video game character? I know this is probably supposed to be something like Lara Croft! or Cloud Strife! While I really liked those characters- the ff franchise was probably my first true love of gaming- My real favorite characters are the ones I can create. It's so meaningful to me to create a character I like, and give them a backstory and play as that character. Also Spyro. Because that's a cute dragon!
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