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  1. Totally understandable! Get some time with the hubby.
  2. Been a busy past day sorry for the late reply I agree @Gamingwithswayand @Sisciait would all around help if its not too big of an ask (hopefully not)
  3. This is why I like dividends truth be told, you can offset your loss with that return in cases where the companies involved are good investments, but need more time to do their thing.
  4. I think from an investment standpoint these will be solid once and after law(s) become established, until then the safest bet is like Zang said just go with established companies, I cant say for example if Phillip Morris has done anything with cannabis yet, but they'd be someone I want to watch. I always take the safer option if I can personally, losing money is never fun so I end up taking less risk (probably less than I should) i make smaller gains, but have less sweeping losses is the way I view it. Minimizing loss is far more effective than maximizing gain.
  5. Per a reddit thread I was able to find this: I always knew this guy was a big pile of junk, but good lord, I never knew how much. Also there were reports of this video being taken down, I for one wouldn't want anyone knowing id taken part of insider trading and openly admitting to it on tape, but to each their own.
  6. Its always fascinating to me how there is plenty more to learn even when you think you've explored an area of interest fully, you can discover something that entirely changes your view. Recently I was reading about ETF's (Exchange-Traded Funds) and they are an interesting concept. They are similar in some ways to Mutual Funds with a few differences, here is a link to more reading for those who want to peruse: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/etf.asp Im wondering if this week is the week we will see anything happen with the GME shorting or if any regulation will be put on hold for as long as possible. Do yall have any anticipations for what could happen?
  7. Hey friends im just going to continue this thread hope that is alright. Yesterday was a blast! We all played on the same team against an equal amount of AI players so we had a good co-op setup I felt. @Sisciahad an overwhelming amount of barbarians to deal with, @OwlCaponewas able to spread his religion of Crab , and @MooseFacesuccessfully integrated 2 cities into his empire. Id like to keep shooting for around that same time so if anyone wants to join in yall are welcome. I'm wondering if we can tweak the settings a bit so they could be like a one-shot and we finish around the time we did last night (11pm est ish). What are everyone's thoughts? Im thinking if the amount of players change week to week this gives us some flexibility, and can keep it fresh for everyone while being inviting as well. We did find the play online with a shared cloud save is not as appealing as it sounds at first due to not allowing for simultaneous turns.
  8. No worries @Cowboyhopefully we can grab ya next week I'll still plan on the same time if everyone still has an interest, I think even just a quick game would be a lot of fun with friends
  9. until

    Riky!! I think I've done this before but wouldn't mind joining just for the shenanigans
  10. I think the Sunday working around PvP time option seems the most favorable considering Riky is throwing his birthday bash on Saturday and I personally wouldn't mind being there for that. We could start after the PvP Workshop as long as @Cowboycan get permission of course
  11. Agreed, That would be the most fun! We can have up to ... technically 19 I think, but 8-12 seems more reasonabe
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