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  1. until

    Gonna try to make it but it might clash with my other guilds WvW running time
  2. Torkyn

    [FIRE] Clears Night


    Looking at roster so far probably cQB. But can bring anything really. No longer can make it.
  3. Torkyn

    [FIRE] Prog Night


    DPS/ Alac Mirage!
  4. Torkyn

    T4/CM Fractal Signups!


    HB or cFB
  5. Torkyn

    [FIRE] Clears Night


    P & condi Weaver, Druid (can HK), HB, Mirage, cQB, pBanners, Alac. (only p weaver vetted right now)
  6. until

    Going to try to make this one! HB or cQB or DPS cFB (edit, Uni times changed. Wont be able to stay)
  7. until

    I will have to prepare a meme. I will be ready
  8. Torkyn

    Raids Open Office Hours!


    Going to try to make it this week so I can get some builds vetted for if my schedule ever syncs up with FIRE raids
  9. Torkyn

    [FIRE] Raid


    Unsure if I'm available or not but want to be if I can manage it (it's 5am for me) Back up DPS at this point (Have Mirage for SH, still needs to be vetted)
  10. Torkyn

    [FIRE] Clears Night


    I've put going but I have my WvW run until 10 EST so really I can be a late back-up if people need to leave or if people want to clear more bosses after. Will also need to Vett builds when I can. Power Weaver and Condi FB (HB and cQB probably not up to scratch with boons)
  11. until

    Love DRM's! can be backup if full but HB or Condi FB deeps
  12. until

    Healbrand or DPS
  13. until

    Really want to join however my WvW guild run crosses over a little bit so will likely be up to 30 minutes late (lately we have been finishing early though). SO can be backup
  14. Torkyn

    [BRN] Raid


    Can Cdps & Pdps Also HB (NEW to but have EXP) Setting up druid (Not EXP)
  15. until

    Have to eventually learn my HB and Druid. But if not, DPS Can HB or condi quick. either works Edit. Changed to Backup because my WvW guild starts running 1 hour after this starts.
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