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  1. until

    team dps *** Reaper, Condi Core Necro, LB DH, Nades side node* Prot, condi Core (not actually a side noder but I can do well on it side noding). support* Tempest, scourge
  2. until

    Team DPS - reaper, condi core necro, ld dh, nade holo. Support - Ele (this will depend if I can get some practice on it before friday to shake the dust off), scourge Side node - prot holo (not preferred, but can play)
  3. until

    I need the KC (poison) & Twisted Castle (polished Aurillium) plus some other things from w3 but down to do any of them also Druid pBS pReaper
  4. QuietlyExisting

    [BRN] Raid


    Since there's 10, I put myself down as backup unless there's more than one group pReaper pBS Druid
  5. QuietlyExisting

    PvP Workshop!


    I'd like another rev course but honestly no rush on it.
  6. I'm going to keep messing around with different types of maps, but this def working amazing! Thank you
  7. Hey all! I'm on the search for a good timeline creator / website that I could use to do BIG timelines. The project I've been working on the last year or so has gotten... meaty(?) and I'm realizing now that there are some time inconsistencies and plot holes caused because I don't actually have the timeline mapped out. Since the whole of the project spans several characters, times, and arcs I really should have done this when I noticed it was way bigger than I had originally thought it was. I need to actually put the events onto a solid timeline because I'm a super visual person. I tried drawing it out but it was rough to see through all the clutter. The biggest problem I have is that most of the timeline apps I've seen are either pay-for but super expensive or are free but you can only put a limited amount of events on it. Which doesn't work for me. If anyone knows a good app or has a technique they use for timelines please let me know!
  8. until

    DH, Support Scourge, Support Tempest, DPS Reaper, Power or Condi core Necro, Condi Rev.
  9. Save the Cat! Writes a Novel was really helpful for me in terms of plot arc. It is the adapted version from the famous screenwriting help guide, it's based all around books. Has a bunch of examples (book spoilers though so be careful) that show you around the lines of what you should be aiming for with each point.
  10. until

    I can be backup. Tempest, Necro (reaper, core - condi or power- or scourge support), Condi Rev (don't expect amazing things), Guard (DH).
  11. until

    I can bring Support Tempest, Team Reaper, Core Necro (condi or power), or Spirit DH.
  12. until

    See you there!
  13. Druid (preferably!) I can also PDPS (Reaper) but I'm not the best at it cause I have very little practice on it with raids. PS - If I don't make the roster is it okay to stick around to watch if someone is willing to stream it?
  14. QuietlyExisting

    [BRN] Raid


    Druid (I do have some experience with this class in raids) I could also do power reaper but I'm very rusty on the rotation as I don't usually take it into raids.
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