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Found 10 results

  1. Adventure #1: The Baby-Faced Squirrel and Mouthy Tornado Seven adventurers met in the Reborn of Embers guild commons to receive their first mission. They were to investigate a strange phenomenon where people around town were getting knocked over by an invisible force. Their only lead was a drunk man in a nearby tavern. On the way to said tavern, the party decided to ask around the marketplace to find out more. A few shopkeepers mentioned experiencing a strange, cold breeze that rustled flowers and even knocked down one of the merchants. Madame Mi pinched his backside, for science.
  2. Scene: Outside the Guildhall, early morning the day the group returned from their Feywild/dream-combat outing (co-written by @Siscia and @Obsidian Newt) The outside of the guildhall has seen a lot of work since the party first came back from their 2-3 month venture. Littered bottles, broken glass, and loose debris has all been picked up and dealt with. Duriel stands with a wet scrubbing brush and a bucket of water and washes the walls with fury, using a ladder when needed to reach the higher portions. No longer in their armor, but plain clothes with sleeves rolled up. Their hea
  3. Nature's Child (Filk based on Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf) Get your feet a Movin’ Head out to the Fey Wild Lookin' for adventure Runnin with Nature’s Child Yeah Siscia’s gonna make it happen Take their world in a love embrace Fire all of their spells at once And explode into space They like rum and whiskey Nature’s roarin thunder Racin' with the wind And the feelin' that their under Yeah Siscia’s gonna make it happen Take their world in a love embrace Fire all of their spells at once
  4. Another Tree Turns to Ash (A Filk based on Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, inspired by Cedric and Wednesday Night Shenanigans) Oh, let's go! Cedric walks warily through the forest, With the brim pulled way down low- Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet- Fireballs ready to go Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the woods the fireballs rip To the sound of the beat, yeah Another tree turns to Ash. Another tree turns to Ash. And anoth
  5. Nion Bound Scene: Mountainous country, and in the middle of a deep gorge a Rock, towards which DION and VERSACE roll the gigantic form of NION. CHANEL follows dejectedly with hammer, nails, chains, etc. DION: Now have we journeyed to a spot of Eberron Remote, —the Xen’Drik wild, a waste untrod. And now, Coco, thou must execute The task our father laid on thee, and fetter This malefactor to the jagged rocks In adamantine bonds infrangible; For thine own blossom of all forging silks He stole and gave to mortals; trespas
  6. (( The KRS Campaign is a city based campaign that will take place on Sundays with a meeting time set at 1600 Eastern, we've just freshly started and are more than happy to have other's join us )) The Story Thus Far for our Intrepid Murder Hobos Our story starts at the port city of Urstoon, at midday, on a bright spring day. The city was alive with people talking, selling, living with the occasional misplaced stabbing. Three adventures sit in their guildhall, recovering from their last successful mission. While sitting at rest, the ground starts to rumble
  7. Tiffymew

    Open D&D Night!

    [ RISE Open-to-All D&D Night ] Please RSVP "Going" if you are interested and able to make it for this night RSVP "Maybe" if you are interested and may not/will not be able to make it this week, but may be interested in future events! Note that you're expected to stay for most, if not all of the event; preparing for sessions takes a lot of work and rebalancing (if someone drops out in the middle) is not an easy task. --- So this is just an experimental thing that will be recurring monthly if interest is there! This is an introductor
  8. As interest in RISE D&D grows, we're going to need to consider expanding our list of Dungeon Masters and possibly game days/times. We have some ideas about how this might work, but more discussion is needed to find the right solution for our members and DMs. If you'd like to DM in the future, please post below with answers to the following: What days and times are you available to run games (please include start and end time)? How many players would you be comfortable including in your party? We want to make sure any RISE event is consistent with our guild culture
  9. There's a lot of D&D interest in RISE! So, I thought I'd compile some info about how we're running our game: When do we play? Currently, we play most Wednesday evenings at 8pm. We may add other days/times depending on interest and DM availability! What if I can't make it to every game night? No problem! Each adventure takes one game to complete. The over-arching story and our house rules allow for different party members that come and go. How can I keep up with the story? Read our recap thread here! It's fun! This is optional, because each
  10. This is an initial poll to see who is interested in playing D&D with fellow RISE members! Select the most appropriate options above so that we can coordinate and make a plan! HOW IT WILL PROBABLY WORK: Per some discussion in Discord (check out the channel if you haven't already!), our intention is to allow for players AND DMs to drop in and out so that no one has to commit to every single game, and new players/DMs will be welcome to jump in and try it out. We'll work on an over-arching story but most adventures will be completed in a single game night, and each DM w
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