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Xintegra Application

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  • Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them?
  • Let's start with your preferred name...
    Xin (pronounced Zin)
  • Preferred personal pronoun?
  • May we ask your age?
  • What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234)
  • How did you hear about Reborn of Embers?
    My friends Nok and Phan joined RISE.
  • Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week?
    At least once a week, EST
  • What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it?
    WvW and PvE such as fractals. Have done the PvE raids up to a point. Temporarily retired from WvW.
  • Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back?
    More PvE raids, just want to grow more with a cohesive group.
  • What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it?
    I have two mains and am proficient in several other classes: Guardian for DPS and/or support/healing. Engineer for DPS or Condi and versatility. Experience as a heal Druid. Scourge and Herald are also geared.
  • What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild?
    Doing group events together are the best.
  • Pineapple, does it belong on pizza?
    Everything becomes delicious on a pizza.
  • Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming.

    Kinda prefer to keep my private life seperate.

  • What other games do you play?
    Mostly stealth action, strategy, solo RPGs
  • Who’s your favorite all time video game character?
    Can't pick just one. Don't do this to me!

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Welcome to RISE Xin!


Nok and Phan are two wonderful people who I really love talking to and playing with! Referencing them will only make me think you will be awesome just like them! Our community has a lot of amazing and insightful members who are an absolute blast to play with. We have our Beginner raid night on Fridays and our static PAL raid group does raids on Mondays! We also have a lot of impromtu raids that get organized in our guild daily as well pinged in our LFG channel on discord! I hope you have fun doing all kind of Guild wars 2 content with us and I look forward to your Spark approval!

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roe icon.png


Hey There Xintegra,

Great news, your application for trial membership has been approved! You now begin the Spark Introductory Phase. In this post you will find important information about the community and the next steps on your journey to becoming a full member. The trial membership, or "Spark Phase" is an important part of our community. This process helps us determine if you will be a good fit for us, and helps you determine if this is the home you are looking for.


The Spark Phase FAQ!

Before you become a full member you will need to complete the following tasks. You have 4 weeks starting NOW! 


What do I need to do?

  1. Read the Rules and Expectations here.
  2. Sign the Member Agreement here.
  3. Join the GW2 guild in game by accepting the invite within 1 week of trial approval.
  4. Join us in Discord. Visit this post for discord information.
  5. Upload an avatar (profile pic) to your Discord account. This helps us recognize you on the in-game overlay during events. Please also change your Discord nickname on out server to match your forum name, so we know who you are.
  6. Participate in and post 6 activities to your app thread (Screenshots work best). Only 2 of these activities may be non-GW2 related.


Activities include:

  • Any activity in GW2 or RISE** with atleast 2 other guild members. Please list who you played with and include a screen shot if possible.
  • Attending scheduled GW2 guild events in game (see calendar of events here).
  • Uploading an avatar to your forum account and posting an introduction on the forums.


(Note: If you would like to be notified when a new event is posted, please sign up for one or more of our mention groups. You can join our discord notification groups by visiting the #notifications channel).


IMPORTANT: You must post on your application thread to let us know what you participated in, and who was with you. Screenshots are great! Help us help you by keeping us in the loop!


Please continue posting screenshots to help you on your trial of various things you did while in your trial! We would love to see what else interests you and whatcha did! ?


**Activity participation in games other than GW2 with at least 2 RISE members are subject to approval at the recruitment Team's discretion.


When will i finish?


During your Spark Phase, we will be monitoring your progress to gain insight about how well you are integrating into the community. At the 1 week point you will receive a PM from our recruitment team with an update on how you are doing! After a period of at least two weeks, the Phoenixes will vote on making you a full member.


If you have not fulfilled the above objectives, or we feel that you are not a good fit for the community by the four-week mark, your application will be declined.


Community Info!

There are two ranks of leadership in RISE, Phoenixes and Flames. The Phoenixes oversee every aspect of the community in our anchor game GW2 and our casual games. Flames are specialists that help out in different areas of the community.


Phoenix Leadership:


Ranks in the community include:

  • Phoenix - Round Table Leaders of RISE
  • Flame - Specialist in various areas of the community
  • Ember - Full member of RISE
  • Spark - Trial member of RISE
  • Friend - Ambassador from another guild
  • Ash - Applicant to RISE


For more information on these ranks check out our guild structure. To meet our leaders and find out more about their specific job check out our leadership roster.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Phoenixes or one of our Recruitment Flames:

@Cowboy, @Sana@ars, @CorpPhoenix


Once again, congratulations on becoming a Spark and welcome to the community!


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@Xintegra is my favorite person and I 100% support her being here. Full member when? 😄

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