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Ten Application

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  • Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them?
  • Let's start with your preferred name...
  • Preferred personal pronoun?
  • May we ask your age?
  • What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234)
  • How did you hear about Reborn of Embers?
    I saw your advertisement on the Reddit GW2 LF Guild.
  • Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week?
    Yes, and pretty much every evening.
  • What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it?
    Honestly, it's open world right now, along with participating in meta events. I had six months of catching up to do since I had taken a break starting back in October returning about six to eight weeks ago. Now that I have "caught up" so to speak with story, maps, mastery points, etc, it's still open world mainly along with various achievements I've wanted to complete.

    I craft as needed and enjoy it having done quite a few ascended sets with both Gen 1 and 2 Leg Weapons. However, I have not attempted Leg Armor, nor was I interested in the Leg Trinkets. I am still the primary scribe/decorator of my "main" guild which I found had pretty much gone inactive upon my return from my break.

    I wish Anet would implement player housing of some sort in the future. I would have a field day with that! Also, I ADORE Fashion Wars!! YES, sometimes it IS all about Barbie!! LOL

    I also try to find "fun" and/or RP-ish things as I can. However, not having an active guild makes those random and spontaneous at best.
  • Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back?
    I'm very interested in "learning" fractals which I have neglected over the years. It's mainly for the goal of attaining Ad Infinitum which I feel is doable for me. However, doing fractals especially with players you know CAN be fun! That aspect appeals to me even more than the practical goal of a Leg BP.

    One can of course watch videos and learn with PUGS from the ground up. I learned Strike Missions with videos and PUGS, but I do not relish learning the intricacies of fractals with PUGS. Most are fine at T1-2. Most players just assume you "know" what you are doing but are forgiving at lower levels. We all know players can be unforgiving and in many cases rightfully so when dealing with inexperienced players at higher levels of difficulty. I don't care to go through that, and that has been holding me back mainly.

    Also, finding the "right" profession and build I can play well in this context with some enjoyment has proved to be a challenge. I will speak of that in the next box.
  • What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it?
    The ONLY professions I have not played to any extent are Elementalist and Warrior. Though I do have Tempest and Beserker Elite specs unlocked on both of mine, they unfortunately are relegated to opening chests at the end of LS 3 JPs. I took a six month break as I said earlier which began back in October. I had JUST completed HOPE for my P/P Open World Deadeye, and I was (pun intended) having a blast with him. He seems to have taken a nerf to his DPS since my return.

    I was also playing a great deal on my Necros both Scourges. They INDEED took a huge nerf to their Condi DPS, and it seems that my Magi Support Scourge is not as desired though I learned Strike Missions on him even solo "healing" a Cold War one night. I don't want to do that again. LOL

    Right now, I'm sort of caught in a limbo of what to do with builds and gear. My Magi Support Scourge does have an AR rating of 153 even though my personal rating is substantially below that necessity! I was intending to use him to pursue fractals, but again, that class and build doesn't seem to be as desired in higher fractal contexts.

    I do have a complete set of Minstrel's Heavy Armor with trinkets and weapons I could use on a Healbrand, but I have never really tried to learn him. I have no interest in playing a Druid even though a Ranger was my first character.

    I did "try out" the high DPS Power DH using builds from Snow Crows and Metabattle with perhaps the intention of playing such in fractals, but I simply do not like the Zeal/Radiance/DH rotations.

    I'll be honest. I used to be quite the player once upon a time in both PVE Raids and in PVP. However, with age and a few health issues, my reflexes have declined. I'm just not a twitchy player anymore. So, that squishy version of the DH wasn't for me. I'm sure there is some role I can play adequately in a "meta" context. I just haven't found and/or learned it yet. I was hoping it would be my Support Scourge. I still might be. Finding a consistent group of players with whom I can learn and enjoy what I am doing with little to no consequences from initial mistakes seems to be my necessity.
  • What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild?
    I usually enjoy doing things with others player who I get to know in the games I'm playing. Guilds allow that among other things. Playing solo indefinitely is totally possible in GW2. Is it desired? No, and it can be tiresome. I've been playing since EQ1, and I've always been in a guild of some sort. This is especially true with the onset of readily available voice chat options. It is nice to be able to do things with people whose online company you enjoy. It's VERY nice to be able to ask for group help and usually get it. Though I never demand such immediately nor like being spoonfed.

    It's also fun to help other players who need it, but I am sort of beyond the point in THIS game at this time of my life dealing with players who won't take some initiative to at least try to look something up before asking about it or at least read a guide or watch a video before trying to do an encounter with a guild group. I really do not like a constant barrage of questions in guild chat about the game which could be easily answered with a few strokes on a keyboard and a few minutes at most of reading.

    I don't tolerate drama as in harassment or bullying in "my game" especially if it involves race, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender and other things that make people unique. I prefer to leave IRL divisive issues such as politics and religion out of voice and text chat.

    I'm not a fan of elitism in video games. If you're good, show me or tell me about something intricate from your vast game knowledge and experience. Do not endlessly brag about your accomplishments. I do appreciate gaming skill and knowledge, but I have no time for game snobbery just as I have no time for it IRL.

    Another thing I do not like about guilds are exclusive cliques. Yes, they happen, and it's cool when static groups do their thing, and yes, said groups may take on other challenges together. It's not so cool to me when a set group decides to start doing everything especially socializing just among themselves to the exclusion of other guild members who might want to join in.

    I don't care about a dead guild. Right now, I'm in three guilds. Two are NA and one is Oceanic for when I play VERY late. The first NA guild is dead. Period. It was my first GW2 guild. Only a few players sign on. The second NA guild with whom I have done the most does have a number of active players and does guild missions regularly once a week. However, the core group of officers usually play other games as a group on another Discord server they do not share which is fine. It's just left the guild technically inactive if not dead. The Oceanic guild I'm in will help out if you speak up, but they are more about raids than socializing.

    I DO like "fun" things that guilds do that can be game-related or even outside the game like perhaps guild karaoke night! Mainly, I'm just looking for a fun group of players in an organized guild structure with whom I can relate and who can relate to me to do some fun as well as goal-oriented things in GW2. Your ad caught my interest. Being on TC is also a plus just in case I wanted to jump into some WvW which I will do sometimes. Speaking with your recruiting officer on Discord yesterday evening led me here to fill out this app.

  • Pineapple, does it belong on pizza?
    That is a personal preference. Who am I to tell someone what to like or dislike on their pizza?! LOL
  • Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming.

    I'm a former academic and editor. I'm "officially" retired even though I'm far below the usual age for that. I began video games as a hobby around the beginning of EQ1. I live quietly as a single guy in a small provincial city where I was born though I have lived around the country and abroad as well as traveled extensively. Right now, I live day to day due to the pandemic without any definite plans such as travel, but I remain confident that will change with time. In the meantime video games namely GW2 offer a fun endeavor when played responsibly. That's enough for now.

  • What other games do you play?
    I have played EQ1, Anarchy Online, WoW up to Pandaria, SWTOR, EVE, Archeage both Legacy and Unchained and a number of other titles over the years. I tend to find a title I like and stick with it. I'm not particularly keen on jumping from game to game as many do. Right now, it's GW2, but I AM thinking of taking my linked GW1 account and actually getting a few things done there to create titles, pets and minis in GW2. Perhaps there is a group in RISE that does this on occasion.
  • Who’s your favorite all time video game character?
    I began all of this with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. A good friend of mine who actually used to be a video game tester created a very immersive pencil and paper RPG way back in the Bronze Age. My first character in that game became my "favorite." His name was Kaelthius Tenal or Kael. I derive "Ten" which is my online handle from his family name. I tend to treat my characters with a bit more RP than most. I don't view them as UI interfaces as I have seen too many newer players seem to do. A character usually becomes "real" to me in an RP sense after playing him, her or them after a while. This is the reason I don't have an arsenal of alts on GW2 as many players do. Having too many characters somehow makes them less to me. I suppose my "favorite" GW2 is my Ranger, Malunar Tenal, who was my first.

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Please forgive any typos above! I said I would have this done yesterday evening, but a long, important phone call and falling asleep afterwards put that off until about an hour ago! Sleep is approaching again, and proofreading is not happening atm!

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Hiya @Ten!  Welcome to the forums!


4 hours ago, Ten said:

May we ask your age?

I'm close in age.  I turned 49 back in early April.  I've been an avid gamer since I got a Pong system in the 70's, but I became a hardCORE RPG fan when I got my first Apple III and bought Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord in the early 80's.  I never looked back!  My first MMORPG was, of course, EQ1... like you.  :classic_tongue:


My life took a sudden turn about 10 years ago though.  I was out riding my mountain bike and I had the feeling that I blacked out.  When I came to, I was sailing through the air with all the grace of an elephant who suddenly realizes that it can't fly!  The bike hit the ground somewhere behind me and my face, head, and shoulders quickly followed.  In short, I had a massive stroke... which I found out later on.  To this day, 10 years later, I can't use my right arm, my right leg is about "meh," and my spoken vocabulary is hit or miss most of the time.  I basically had a choice at that time... either grow up fast or regress down to elementary school age.


I went with the "elementary school age" thing!  :classic_biggrin:


Again, welcome to the forums!

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5 hours ago, Soasa said:

I can't use my right arm

Thank you for the welcome. I have difficulties with my left hand keystrokes now. Thus I click sometimes which is a no no. I've been told again again by various people to use instead of a keyboard this game controller and that game controller all of which I am promised might put me back to some semblance of my former game play. I've been dubious, but honestly, I'm about ready to look into one even though it might prove a challenge to learn.

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roe icon.png


Hey There Ten,

Great news, your application for trial membership has been approved! You now begin the Spark Introductory Phase. In this post you will find important information about the community and the next steps on your journey to becoming a full member. The trial membership, or "Spark Phase" is an important part of our community. This process helps us determine if you will be a good fit for us, and helps you determine if this is the home you are looking for.


The Spark Phase FAQ!

Before you become a full member you will need to complete the following tasks. You have 4 weeks starting NOW! 


What do I need to do?

  1. Read the Rules and Expectations here.
  2. Sign the Member Agreement here.
  3. Join the GW2 guild in game by accepting the invite within 1 week of trial approval.
  4. Join us in Discord. Visit this post for discord information.
  5. Upload an avatar (profile pic) to your Discord account. This helps us recognize you on the in-game overlay during events. Please also change your Discord nickname on our server to match your forum name, so we know who you are.
  6. Participate in and post 6 activities to your app thread (Screenshots work best). Only 2 of these activities may be non-GW2 related.


Activities include:

  • Any activity in GW2 or RISE** with atleast 2 other guild members. Please list who you played with and include a screen shot if possible.
  • Attending scheduled GW2 guild events in game (see calendar of events here).
  • Uploading an avatar to your forum account and posting an introduction on the forums.


(Note: If you would like to be notified when a new event is posted, please sign up for one or more of our mention groups. You can join our discord notification groups by visiting the #notifications channel).


IMPORTANT: You must post on your application thread to let us know what you participated in, and who was with you. Screenshots are great! Help us help you by keeping us in the loop!


Please continue posting screenshots to help you on your trial of various things you did while in your trial! We would love to see what else interests you and whatcha did! ?


**Activity participation in games other than GW2 with at least 2 RISE members are subject to approval at the recruitment Team's discretion.


When will i finish?


During your Spark Phase, we will be monitoring your progress to gain insight about how well you are integrating into the community. At the 1 week point you will receive a PM from our recruitment team with an update on how you are doing! After a period of at least two weeks, the Phoenixes will vote on making you a full member.


If you have not fulfilled the above objectives, or we feel that you are not a good fit for the community by the four-week mark, your application will be declined.


Community Info!

There are two ranks of leadership in RISE, Phoenixes and Flames. The Phoenixes oversee every aspect of the community in our anchor game GW2 and our casual games. Flames are specialists that help out in different areas of the community.


Phoenix Leadership:


Ranks in the community include:

  • Phoenix - Round Table Leaders of RISE
  • Flame - Specialist in various areas of the community
  • Ember - Full member of RISE
  • Spark - Trial member of RISE
  • Friend - Ambassador from another guild
  • Ash - Applicant to RISE


For more information on these ranks check out our guild structure. To meet our leaders and find out more about their specific job check out our leadership roster.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Phoenixes or one of our Recruitment Flames:

@Cowboy, @Sana@ars, @CorpPhoenix


Once again, congratulations on becoming a Spark and welcome to the community!


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15 hours ago, Ten said:

Thank you for the welcome. I have difficulties with my left hand keystrokes now. Thus I click sometimes which is a no no. I've been told again again by various people to use instead of a keyboard this game controller and that game controller all of which I am promised might put me back to some semblance of my former game play. I've been dubious, but honestly, I'm about ready to look into one even though it might prove a challenge to learn.

Is it one of these?  I've got one of those around here somewhere.  I got one because "it was revolutionary!!!"  Or so the constant babble said.  I got it and tried... and tried... and tried.  I used it for over 2 months, but it made things worse for me so I disconnected it and went back to my normal keyboard.  I remap everything, so at least my controllers are all the caps lock through the "H" key going vertical.  My mouse is taken completely out of it... which is why I'm so slow.  I can't turn corners worth a damn.  :classic_tongue:

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No, but similar. I'm dubious any of them would be worth the effort for me at least even though a number have tried to convince me. I'd have to ask to get the exact brand/model. If I see one of my old friends on Discord, I'll ask.

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<Insert Image of "Filk the Tenth" going to the T3 Fractal Event Thursday that I forgot to Screenshot> LOL I really had no business doing anything. Was worn out from working, but I  DID make the effort.

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Attended the non-game event Friday evening involving a very entertaining bunch of drunk people and games at which I failed utterly! Fun, but I still think Karaoke would be a thing! 😉

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Hi Ten,




We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the Spark phase and are now a full Ember!


It's great having you as part of the family. We hope you continue to enjoy your time with us!



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